ECH Office

Office for ECH Jewerly.

Six columns organize the space and are used in the project. These elements are generated to order the structure of the building that originally belonged to a housing program that lost its meaning when it reached the first floor.

To merge all these ideas, we were inspired by the jewelry box that we made years ago for this brand. The velvety red wraps the structure of the building creating a volume in the interior that contains a private area, office, meeting room and workshop.

The other open space is used for placing the workstations where you could find someone assembling a luxury jewel or working on a computer, all visible through the glass façade.

Area: 210 sqm
Location: Poblenou, Barcelona
Construction: 2021
Developer: Private
Photography: José Hevia

Rocket stool

Restaurant stool made of brushed and polished stainless steel. Seat of 315mm diameter. Structure in circular tube of 115mm diameter and legs in rectangular tube of 40x10mm.
Now available in different sizes, for more information write to

Location: Barcelona
Construction: 2020
Developer: Private
Photography: José Hevia


Jewelry box for ECH jewerly. We use the brand’s identy as a reference to define the jeweler.

This brand builds its collection foucusing on the body, ergonomics and industrialization.

With this in mind, we considered that an operating table would be the perfect setting to house these jewels, among surgical tools and parts of the human body…

A face, some fingers, an inverted pyramid and some arches connect with the brand’s concept. We thought that the mixture of human topography, pure geometries and their relationship between the concave and the convex would be enough to hold the pieces.

Since some insects decorate the jewels of the brand and a showcase protects them, perhaps we should refer to this object as the brand’s terrarium rather than its jewelry box.

Location: Barcelona
Construction: 2019
Developer: ECH jewerly
Photography: José Hevia

Pratt’s flat

What is the role of the structure in interior design?

This project is about how a structural reinforcement organizes a remodelling, or how a remodelling is structural.

The owners of a building, which predates 1900, in which Francisco Ibáñez could have been inspired, commissioned us to perform a structural intervention in one of the apartments.

With only two points of support, given the poor state of the building, a Pratt truss appears to be the best solution to solve this “mess”. The reinforcement marks the height of a central piece and serves to organize two rooms, a living room/kitchen and a bathroom. Needing to connect the façade with the core and due to the proportion of the apartment, the diagonal appeared to be the best option to give hierarchy to the different uses.

The resulting space between the central piece and the floor allows natural lighting and ventilation to reach the rooms.

Area: 35 sqm
Location: Raval, Barcelona
Construction: 2019
Developer: Private
Photography: José Hevia


To begin with a conventionally distributed apartment over a garage and turn it into a house in between party walls.

In result of several reforms made by the owners, the apartment counted only on the light of the main facade. The back facade had been bricked up to build a bathroom and a kitchen, with which, the terrace had been reduced to a small patio between these two volumes.

We decided to recover the terrace by demolishing part of these volumes and fill it with a room and a flowerbed at the back end that act as a visual and climatic filter. In the center, a fountain presides over the space in order to ease a warm summer afternoon.

Moreover, the volume of the house between the party walls had been confined to the false ceiling.
We recovered this volume under the roof by building an mezzanine floor. A tier of benches leading to the first floor seemed the best way to connect them.

Inside, the bathroom, located in the center of the floor plan, articulates three spaces with unspecific use. Three spaces where you can indistinctly be, sleep, or work. Two of them are facing the exterior and the third is an attic above the bathroom. Perhaps, Dánae served as inspiration to transform the shower of this bathroom into a skylight through which it can be illuminated.

Area: 95 sqm
Location: Barcelona
Construction: 2019
Developer: Private
Photography: José Hevia

1st Office

EdWIND house

Proposal for a house in Casavells

Biombo model

Proposal for a renovation of a modernist house in Barcelona

SpaceECH model

Proposal of Space for E-CH

Triombo model

Proposal for a renovation of a modernist house in Barcelona