Wanderings about the room: room versus furniture; furniture as an artifact; an artifact is an object; a set of objects is a collection; a collection of four objects forms a cube and constitutes a piece of furniture.

The commission of creating a room that evolves—or even transforms—over time led us to think of 4 pieces: a staircase, a wardrobe, a platform and a cushion. These objects form the collection of Lleó. The position of the pieces in the space results in a collection of rooms. Two of them, joined, form a 2×2 m surface occupied by a bed and a bedside table. The third one provides access to the bed and the last one is a cushion where you can lie down to read.

This is one of the versions that we could create out of this room, currently occupying a space 30 sqm and 3,5m high.

Each one of the pieces is different in appearance, with the aim of pairing them with other objects, without the need to establish a direct connection amongst the set.

Area: 4 sqm
Location: Barcelona
Construction: 2018
Developer: Private
Photographs: José Hevia

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