Bow: front part of a ship that, when advancing, divides the waters in which it sails. The winch, the anchors, the jack and the emblems are placed in this area. It gets polished in order to decrease its resistance. In the past, the bow used to include the mast and the figurehead.

Bathroom: acts as a bow separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. It is comprised of a shower, a sink and a toilet. A cylinder is set across the bathroom dominating it, which becomes evident within the space thanks to its geometry.

The intervention is located inside an industrial building, where a young artist has transformed his mother’s old workshop into home. The commission made us think of a room that divided the house. We decided that two vertical plans could be used to articulate the living room-kitchen and integrate the bathroom. This room behaves as a screen and is defined by its shape and colour. In order to match it with the context, we used the colour of the existing woodwork on the outside of the room. To illuminate the space, we used lighting integrated in a bar which extends from both sides of the volume.

Area: 3 sqm
Construction: 2018
Promotor: Privat
Photography: José Hevia

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