P-M-A-A is an architecture and design studio based in Barcelona derived from the efforts of four team members. Everything started back in 2012 with the development of projects and teaching activities with a genuine experimental approach within the architecture sector.

As of today, these same principles constitute the origin of our work, which we perform in a space shared with a carpentry workshop and surrounded by an industrial atmosphere. Through this symbiosis, our studio operates as a permanent experimental atelier while allowing us to produce our own pieces, items and structures for each project.

Our work is supported by regarding mock-ups as the synthesis of a project and driven, above all, towards the clarity of each project. By acting as the reference elements on each project, mock-ups allow us to remove those superfluous elements that may have been introduced into the work processes from the architectural space.

2014-2016 Foros ESARQ-UIC, Barcelona.
2014 Workshop Washitecture 17ed. Taller Vertical ESARQ-UIC.
2013 Workshop Essential Architectures 16ed. Taller Vertical ESARQ-UIC.
2012 Workshop Lugares del agua 15ed. Taller Vertical ESARQ-UIC.

2012 Secuencias extremas. COAC Exhibition, Barcelona.

2015 Finalists. FAD Award for interiorism. Casa Sant Llorenç in Sant feliu de Llobregat.
2014 First Prize. XII Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Muestra de PFC.

2018 APARTMENT IN RAVAL, Divisare books 133, edition of 200 (ISSN 2532-523X)
2018 P-M-A-A (September, 2018) Interview by Cierto Estudio for NEO 2
2015 CASA SANT LLORENÇ. Quaderns d’arquitectura i urbanisme Núm.: 266-267 pp106-113 (ISSN 1886-1989)